valinux goes propietary?

joack at joack at
Mon Aug 27 08:21:40 UTC 2001

Is it really so worrying, VA's going proprietary?
I should think this was forseeable. VA as all the other Linux-
Companies was an OpenSource business and while it worked it 
worked. I have been waiting for these things to happen, the hype is 
over and so are the opportunities that went with it.
A while ago Bruce Perens said it was time to talk about free 
software again. Maybe its truely time now. We might see VA's fall 
as a victory for free software over OpenSource, for free software is 
here to stay long after OS has gone. Maybe now it's time to start 
promoting fs-ideals among programmers. And maybe now it's also 
time to look at proper fs-companies like Alessandro Rubini's in Italy 
I think we should see the positive side of this. fs was never about 
business in the first place; OS is.
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