Smoothwall not free software

Richard Stallman rms at
Mon Aug 27 02:42:17 UTC 2001

I finally had time to deal with this issue:

    SmoothWall GPL is licenced under the GNU GPL.

    Portions of SmoothWall, including the installer and the ADSL management
    utilities, are licenced under modified licences which are available on
    application. No modifications to either the installation libraries or
    binaries and re-distribution of modified binaries based on the installer
    is permitted without the owners permission.  The owners of this code are
    Lawrence Manning (lawrence at and Daniel Goscomb
    (dang at

With those restrictions, those restricted parts of SmoothWall are not
even free software any more.  I should talk with the main SmoothWall
developers and ask them to change this; can anyone tell me who they
are, and how to reach them?

Also, I'd like someone to send me some basic information about
SmoothWall, so I can avoid making foolish mistakes when I write?

Janet, SmoothWall should not now be listed in the Directory at all,
because it is not entirely free software.

    I am aware of this. 0.9.8 installer was released under GPL. The COPYING
    file for 0.9.9 beta prefixes the standard v.2 GPL with:

Does anyone have a copy of version 0.9.8?  Please see if that version
contains, under the GPL, older free versions of some or all of these
non-free programs.  If it does, could you tell me which parts of the
non-free code it has, and which parts it does not have?

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