Ordering GNU books in Europe

Reinhard Mueller reinhard.mueller at bytewise.at
Sun Aug 26 17:29:27 UTC 2001

Philippe Martin wrote:

>  Someone told me once that there exists a reseller of GNU manuals in
> Europe (Belgium as I can remember). Is it a urban legend, because I
> cannot get the info anywhere, nor in gnu.org nor in fsfeurope.org.

This _was_ true once, but isn't anymore. There were a lot of problems 
with this guy in Belgium (some people, like me for example, had to wait 
for the books over 5 months), and GNU cancelled all contacts with him AFAIK.

This is why I proposed (some weeks ago, should be in the archives) that 
the FSFE itself could take over this role to get some funding.

Anyway, there was no reaction at all to my proposal.
Reinhard Mueller
GNU Enterprise project

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