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Thu Aug 23 14:11:08 UTC 2001

=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Jo=E3o?= Miguel Neves <joao at> wrote:
> On 22 Aug 2001 14:54:12 +0200, Reinhard M=FCller wrote:
> > Yes probably for core programs. That makes sense. But not for _every_=20
> > GNU program, AFAIK. And it has nothing to do with the GPL actually (and=20
> > this thread is about licenses, IIRC).
> >=20
> Loic presented a license that he said that it wasn't a free software
> license because it demanded that any changed code would have its
> copyright given back to a determined entity. My point was that that
> statement was incorrect, because that, in fact, doesn't reduce the user
> freedom.
> As an example I used the GNU project that requires handling copyright to
> the FSF for all translations and (as I learnt) some of the programs.
> AFAICS this kind of requirement doesn't limit the freedom in the
> software, so the Collaborative Virtual Workspace License (CVW) is,
> indeed, a free software license.
> --=20
> 						Joao Miguel Neves

But that is not a condition of any license, but of GNU putting their name
and "seal of approval" (term used usely) on the program.

The CVW license requires donating copyright on distribution (essentially).
Since only distributors who are also contributors can do this, it is not
a Free Software license.  If it did not mean that distributors needed
to transfer copyright, it should have been more clear.

-David "Novalis" Turner,
Licensing Question Volunteer,
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