Systems 2001 [volunteers needed]

Volker Dormeyer V.Dormeyer at
Wed Aug 22 22:22:55 UTC 2001

Hello everyone,

it's time for Systems 2001 (International Trade Fair for Information
Technology and Telecommunications) from 15 to 19 October 2001 in
Munich/Germany (

We are on the way to organize the FSF Europe booth in the "LinuxPark"
at Systems 2001.

To man the booth, we are looking for additional volunteers who have fun
to represent the FSF Europe at Systems 2001. The fair takes five days and
it would be good to have at least two people every day to represent FSF
Europe. It would be ideal to have incl. me three people a day to man the

If you are interested to represent the FSF Europe at Systems 2001 please
contact me and tell me when do you like to help (the day/days you wish to
participate). I will contact you immediately.

Volker Dormeyer

Volker Dormeyer # V.Dormeyer at

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