Collaborative Virtual Workspace License (CVW)

Reinhard Müller reinhard.mueller at
Wed Aug 22 12:54:12 UTC 2001

Joerg Schilling wrote:

>>From: Reinhard Mueller <reinhard.mueller at>
>>This is not really true.
>>* It's not true that all GNU projects _must_ have copyright assigned to 
>>FSF. However, you are asked to do so, and it's a good choice to do so if 
>>you want your software to be incorporated into the official GNU system.
> 	It seems that you are badly informed....
> I _have_ been in discussion with FSF about this topic when talking about
> 'star' ~ 3 years ago.
> After several other points have been agreed on, they told me that I am 
> requested to transfer the copyright to FSF. 
> After I told them that I will not do this but I will allow FSF to _add_
> their copyright notice to mine, they stopped with the discussion.
> It seems that at least for core programs FSF insists in this point which

Yes probably for core programs. That makes sense. But not for _every_ 
GNU program, AFAIK. And it has nothing to do with the GPL actually (and 
this thread is about licenses, IIRC).

> from point of view reduces freedom.

 From whose point of view?
And whose freedom is reduced? The user's? (which is the one free 
software is all about)

Reinhard Müller

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