glibc 2.2.4 Release Notes

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Tue Aug 21 10:58:24 UTC 2001

On Tue, 21 Aug 2001 09:44:49 +0200, smaffulli at inwind it said:

> It seems to me that other people are having bad days lately:
> this is ESR with his usual rants on how the word "freedom" (notice: not only in software, but in general terms) means too much and is too little clear; ESR's solution is not to use it, ever. He also puts an incredible quantity of FUD in this article: did you ever hear Kuhn or RMS asking for a law banning non-free licenses?? Shall FSF(x) reply?

I don't think it is worth to reply on all of Eric's articles.

I don't know why but that article somehow reminded me of the New Speak
from Orwell's 1984 (what a coincidence that the GNU project started
just in that year)



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