glibc 2.2.4 Release Notes

Jonas Oberg jonas at
Tue Aug 21 10:14:23 UTC 2001

Reinhard Mueller <reinhard.mueller at> writes:

    Actually most of glibc was originally written by Roland McGrath, who
    was paid by the FSF to do it, AFAIK.
Right. This is from GNU's Bulletin number 4, published in February 1988;

    Roland McGrath, who contributed a great deal to GNU Make, has a
    nearly complete set of ANSI C library functions. We hope they will
    be ready some time this spring. These join the GNU malloc, regexp
    and termcap libraries that have existed for some time. Meanwhile,
    Steve Moshier has contributed a full series of mathematical
    library functions.

And then in number 7, published in June 1989;

    Roland McGrath has been hired for the summer to complete the ANSI
    C library which he started. 

Drepper is first mentioned in number 19, published in June 1995.

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