WIPO Copyright Treaty - Worldwide DMCA (was: European DMCA)

schilling at fokus.gmd.de schilling at fokus.gmd.de
Wed Aug 8 13:11:15 UTC 2001

>From: Alessandro Rubini <rubini at gnu.org>

>> Don't mix the "European Copyright" (at least to my understaning) with the bad
>> english word "Copyright".

>Yes, you are right they are different.

>> From what I know, European Copyright is very similar to the German Copyright
>> which rather should be called "Authorship right" because the German name is:
>> "Urheberrecht". It is forbidden by law to give away this property.

>Same here: "diritto d'autore". But calling it "property" is not correct.

OK, I believe that "Authorship right" is the best word in english which you
may find for this right. Property is not the right word, but it is a right
that cannot be given away. You either are the Author or not. You may sell
rights on it but you remain the creator.

>I don't see them as "completely" different, although there are differences.

>> For the same reason it is no possible to have public domain software
>> in Europe....

>That's interesting. Could you please expand on this?

Public domain software usually allows you to remove even the Authorship
notices in the files which cannot be done at least in Germany.


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