fsfe-de list annoucement

Wim De Smet wdesmet at yucom.be
Mon Aug 6 16:57:14 UTC 2001

>If you think the annoucement is proper and useful: Please distribute.
>(Let me know about style and typo weaknesses or correct them on the

An attempt at some style and typo editing:
New Mailinglist for Free Software Topics:


The Free Software Foundation Europe starts a new international email list
    --> I would say "is starting"..."mailing list"
in the German language. Everything related to Free Software is on-topic.
    --> in German
The list is open for everybody.


Some issues are of local interested only
    --> of local interest only
regarding language and geographic boundaries.
   -->"due to language...geographic differences"(?)
Only the newsgroup de.comp.gnu is know to cover Free Software
    --> is known to
in general. Die German speaking members
    --> The German speaking
of FSFE and FFS (Verein zur Förderung Freier Software, Austria)
are writing on the list.
Another reason is that not everybody is confident in the English
    --> is confident enough
language to participate in the international forums effectively.


    --> coordination (double-check this)
 + of the activities of the FSFE Chapter Germany
 + of the activities of the FFS in Austria
 + with other Organisations
 + in regions and countries where German is spoken
     --> off?
Information in German:
 + Articles
 + Webpages
 + Localisation projects
 + presenstations
Questions to all areas of Free Software
 + e.g. Lisensing in DE and AT

 Bernhard Reiter, 6th of August, 2001
 -- FSFE Chapter Germany, Channcelor --
--> Chancelor

Sorry 'bout my style, didn't feel confident enough to correct it all myself.



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