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Sun Aug 5 21:41:53 UTC 2001

> Huh? Reading a book is typically none of the author's exclusive  
> rights, you I don't need a license to read it.

That's what I thought until I tried selling a book to a secondhand book shop 
once. They told me the edition I had was still being sold new, so they would 
not be allowed to sell it. (This was a secondhand only shop.) 

I have several times seen books with notices that expressedly forbid selling 
them onwards, and video cassettes often carry a notice that prohibits showing 
them "in public" citing clubs, schools, and places of work as "in public".

This aspect of copyright is often disregarded by the public and vendors who 
have nothing to gain from it, but then many copies of MS products are used 
without licenses. 

Nick Hockings

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