European DMCA

João Miguel Neves joao at
Fri Aug 3 15:09:14 UTC 2001

On 03 Aug 2001 13:58:00 +0200, Claus Färber wrote:
> That's a bit far-fetched. Of course, everything that contains some  
> information on how the copy protection works, makes breaking it a  
> bit easier. But I don't think you can blame the author of a  
> reading programme if it's rewritten into a copy tools.
Unfortunatly the far-fetched is the basis for the ongoing DVD DeCSS
case, which the MPAA won in the first instance... I should point that
the DeCSS code is indispensable to do a DVD reader, even if it's not
need to make a DVD copy.

As for any reader program making copying easy it's a well-known truth. I
remember a case that occured a few years ago when AMD called Intel
saying they had some secret documents of them in tape. A guy who had
access to eye-only copies of the documents taped with a camera all the
documents on the screen and tried to sell them to AMD.

So as breaking the DMCA is a public offense in the USA, I wonder why
nobody has filed a claim against Adobe or any DVD player's company...
						Joao Miguel Neves

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