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Hi Marc,

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 ms> Unfortunately, I will not be able to come to Essen, it seems
 ms> impossible to find a return trip that would allow me to attend an
 ms> important meeting on the next monday.

I'm sad you cannot make it, I would have liked to meet you.

 ms> May I suggest that the next meeting be announced a bit earlier ?

We'll try and I'm quite optimistic. :)

The date of the general assembly has been known about two or three
weeks before announcing it. The reason why we didn't announce it
earlier was that we didn't think of the possibility to add a public
part to it until later.

I had the idea during a phone discussion with a journalist and
suggested it to the other team members. Then we had to make sure we'd
have the capabilities for such a meeting and the Villa Vogelsang was
okay with it. As soon as that was cleared, we announced it.

If this works out well, we consider doing this regularly after our
general assembly and then you'll know about it earlier.


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