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 jev> I like your proposal. Instead of having "Chapter Germany" and
 jev> "Chapter France" how about "German Chapter" and "French
 jev> Chapter"?

The reason for the formal chapters was not only the language issue,
but also a legal point. For charitable status most countries want to
have a local organization, so we need the country-specific
organization form.

But it is only natural that people will interlink with all countries
they speak the language of and this doesn't require formal steps.

Another point I think we should be very careful about is not to become
too localized. The goal of the FSF Europe is to unite, not to divide.

One of the principles of the FSF Europe is to increase coordination
and communication between the countries. Too much localized
communication will reduce this benefit. 

Just imagine there would be a German, French, Spanish, Portugese,
Swedish, Italian and English version of this list. We would have to
translate every single posting into six languages in order to
establish communication among us. 

Therefore we heavily rely on English.


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