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Jaime E . Villate wrote:

> On Thu, Apr 26, 2001 at 05:08:17PM +0200, Anne POSSOZ wrote:
>> Being a belgian in Switzerland, I would also suggest that the division
>> is not by country but also with some share of languages.
> ....
>> Could we become more European and use language as a base for work.
>> Documentation in national language is part of the point.
>> And then, having subsection for each country speaking the same
>> language but with different laws will be also very interesting
>> to learn more about each others.
> ....
>> What are the views of the other "minorities" in this list?
>> At least french speaking ones...
> I like your proposal. Instead of having "Chapter Germany" and "Chapter France"
> how about "German Chapter" and "French Chapter"?

Yes, the proposal makes sense for me too - but we musn´t forget that we 
are very used to 'One Country/One Language' :)

For example, I can antecipate same complications in a Spanish Chapter, 
for example... Would a Spanish Chapter even exist? Catalan Chapter, 
Euskera Chapter, Galician Chapter (this latter one even more divided 
between normative galician and reintegrated galician)... I personally 
can see the logic and would seem to me to be The Right Thing, but then 
again people that live in Spain will probably strongly disagree or agree.

This is not an easy issue indeed... I'm looking forward to hear from ppl 
that live in multilingual/multicultural countries on this one.

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