Jaime E . Villate villate at
Thu Apr 26 18:10:46 UTC 2001

On Thu, Apr 26, 2001 at 05:08:17PM +0200, Anne POSSOZ wrote:
> Being a belgian in Switzerland, I would also suggest that the division
> is not by country but also with some share of languages.
> Could we become more European and use language as a base for work.
> Documentation in national language is part of the point.
> And then, having subsection for each country speaking the same
> language but with different laws will be also very interesting
> to learn more about each others.
> What are the views of the other "minorities" in this list?
> At least french speaking ones...

I like your proposal. Instead of having "Chapter Germany" and "Chapter France"
how about "German Chapter" and "French Chapter"?


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