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Anne POSSOZ <Anne.Possoz at> [010426]:
> > What are the plans of FSFEurope to have an office in Belgium?
> > 
> > I ask the question because we've tried to create an Open Association
> > around Free Software (see for more info) but the project is
> > still in StandBy for the moment.
> > 
> > I think good ideas could be exchanged between the FSF and OpenBe.
> > 
> > If you're interested, there's also a mailing-list on the OpenBe website
> > if you want to talk about freesw in Belgium.
> Being a belgian in Switzerland, I would also suggest that the division
> is not by country but also with some share of languages.
> In fact, here in Switzerland, collaboration between the 2 parts are
> quite limited due to language. I don't speak-read german and some
> others working in the other side speaks no french nor english.
> Could we become more European and use language as a base for work.
> Documentation in national language is part of the point.
> And then, having subsection for each country speaking the same
> language but with different laws will be also very interesting
> to learn more about each others.
Yeah, it's a good reflexion because we (some participants of OpenBe)
have improved some problems to talk in flamish. The meeting in December
2000 was taken in English (which is not an official language in Belgium)
because of this problem (yes, Belgium is separated and it's often the source
of misunderstandings).

We have also contacts with french organisations, such as AFUL.

(Parfois, j'ai vraiment du mal a parler Neerlandais, parce que je ne le
pratique pas beaucoup).


> For example, I am sure that we could profit to share french
> between part of Belgium, France and part of Switzerland.
> What are the views of the other "minorities" in this list?
> At least french speaking ones...
> Cheers,
> 				Anne
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