UK Linux Expo in Birmingham [was: Re: Starting a new Chapter]

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Wed Apr 25 16:59:57 UTC 2001

On Wed, Apr 25, 2001 at 11:42:43AM -0400, Tim Ney wrote:
> 	Since I'm living in the Birmingham area, I would like
> 	to offer my help too. 
> There will be an FSF booth in the Association Village.  Perhaps you could
> volunteer some time to help staff it.

Is this going to be a joint FSF/FSFE booth, or just the FSF alone? If it's
just a FSF presence, it might be nice to at least have a little information
about the FSFE available.

I would volunteer also, but I'm helping at one booth already, and probably
also giving one of the talks / workshops, so I'm not sure I'd be much use



BTW - for those in the UK, the URL to the expo is, for those who weren't paying attention.
All the details are on there :) There's also a London Expo in July (4th &
5th), I can't get at the website at the moment, but I seem to recall it not
looking particularly enticing - plus, it clashes with the Libre Software
Meeting for anyone going to that :(


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