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 h> Georg, it might be helpful if (at some stage, not necessarily
 h> immediately!)  the "formal process" for setting up a chapter be
 h> outlined. 

The formal outline is a little dependant on the local specialties, but
the most important steps are certainly 

 - introduction to team at (possibly followed by discussion)

 - personal meeting with the President and preferrably one or two more

From there on it's very individual.

 h> As I know from previous postings to fsfeurope-discuss, there's a
 h> lot of interest in setting up a UK chapter, 

 || On Wed, 25 Apr 2001 15:05:15 +0100
 || Marc Eberhard <m.a.eberhard at> wrote: 

 >> from previous postings to fsfeurope-discuss, there's a lot of
 >> interest in setting up a UK chapter, and I'd like to see that
 >> happen as soon as possible.

 me> Me too. :-)

Yes, the U.K. chapter is indeed considered to be very important for
us, too. I definitely want to get real on this within the next

 >> On another note, I'm going to be at the UK Linux Expo in
 >> Birmingham later this year helping out in the Association Village
 >> with my LUG (ShefLUG :),

 me> Wow, that's great. I wasn't aware of this event yet. Since I'm
 me> living in the Birmingham area, I would like to offer my help
 me> too. Looking forward to see some of you folks in September then!

I'll see whether I can make it to Birmingham. Have to talk to the
LinuxExpo people.


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