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Wed Apr 25 09:31:07 UTC 2001

On Wed, Apr 25, 2001 at 10:22:52AM +0200, Georg C. F. Greve wrote:
>  rlm> So I would like to suggest the creation of one mailing-list per
>  rlm> country so that all interested people in each country could meet
>  rlm> each other and start "establishing the necessary level of trust"
>  rlm> between themselves. 
> This is one level of trust that needs to be established, the other one
> is between the local people and the members of the FSF Europe. The
> latter is more important at first. 

Georg, it might be helpful if (at some stage, not necessarily immediately!)
the "formal process" for setting up a chapter be outlined. As I know
from previous postings to fsfeurope-discuss, there's a lot of interest in
setting up a UK chapter, and I'd like to see that happen as soon as
possible. However, that obviously has to be balanced with the FSFE core
"stabilising", as it were :), and perhaps if there was some kind of
road-map, or time line, etc., it would be easy to see what's going on and we
wouldn't keep pestering :)

I personally feel it's probably a little early to be setting up chapters,
but then, a bit of forward planning doesn't hurt.

On another note, I'm going to be at the UK Linux Expo in Birmingham later
this year helping out in the Association Village with my LUG (ShefLUG :),
looks like it should be good. Keynotes from IBM, RedHat, and (drum roll)
RMS. There is a lot of information about the associates on the website
(, and among them are the FSF (plus
APRIL appear in Linux Links) - is the FSFE planning anything? I am more than
willing to help out (I'm going to be there running some things anyway :),
but it would be cool just to meet some FSFErs anyway!




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