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Hi Ruben,

 || On Wed, 25 Apr 2001 07:45:44 +0100
 || Ruben Leote Mendes <ruben at> wrote: 

 rlm> I would really like to have a FSFE chapter in my country
 rlm> (Portugal), and I am sure many more people in their one
 rlm> countries would like to have one there.  

We sure hope so.

 rlm> So I would like to suggest the creation of one mailing-list per
 rlm> country so that all interested people in each country could meet
 rlm> each other and start "establishing the necessary level of trust"
 rlm> between themselves. 

This is one level of trust that needs to be established, the other one
is between the local people and the members of the FSF Europe. The
latter is more important at first. 

For this reason we ask people to send an introduction about themselves
to team at, then I try to find a date & time to meet them
and get to know them personally - also the others will sometimes want
to talk to them, as well.

 rlm> It can also be used to discuss GNU related activities in each
 rlm> country, coordenate translations of the FSFE webpage and press
 rlm> releases, and so on.

Yes, we do create such mailing lists for countries where chapters are
ready or almost ready. These lists are open to members of the FSF
Europe and its associated organizations and are used to coordinate the
local matters.

 rlm> What do you think? If approved consider this a request to create
 rlm> the Portugal mailing-list.

If you feel it would be good to have a Portugal based mailing list,
please go ahead and do so. 

With respect to the FSF Europe setting up a chapter in Portugal, it is
still a little early. We have already been talking to 
"Jaime E. Villate" <villate at> as a possible member for a FSF
Europe Chapter Portugal and Jaime and I are currently looking for a
date & place to meet.

If you also want to become involved in the FSF Europe in Portugal,
please feel free to send an introduction about yourself, your personal
background, why you believe in Free Software and so on to
team at

Also I would suggest you get in touch with Jaime (if you aren't
already), so the two of you can start getting to know each other.


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