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Anders Lindb�ck anders at
Thu Nov 30 16:08:38 UTC 2000

Philipp Wollschlegel skrev:
> The real question is as to how we let the FSFe gain so much
> weight, that it is considered an important source of information / 
> opinion by the governments and politicians of these lands. 

When law is created the goverment usually sends out a proposal
letting trade organizations state their opinion on the peoposed
law. Anyone can send in their opinion - but the larger the orgnaization,
the more power it has, the more it can influence the decision making process.

FSF shopuld be one of these organisatiosn that are asked about anything 
concerning IT.  To get there one need to be considered a player,
a respectable member of the society.

A large membership gain respectability.  
And it also solves the money problem. 
Without money one can't lobby the politicians.

But it is also good with a good front-figure.
An extrovert outspoken person which the media loves.

Remember FSF has a good message to spread but unless media
writes about it - it will never get known by common people.

Personal contact with politicians is also a good way to get them involved. 
Like my getting invited to attend a gathering with one large swedish
political party on monday with a former minister of communication. 
I hope to be able to bring up open source then.

Anders "I don't want to be a leader" Lindbäck

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