GNU GPL and European law

Anders Lindb�ck anders at
Thu Nov 30 10:36:53 UTC 2000

Alex Hudson skrev:
> I think you're making my point exactly ;) We could argue forever on the
> exact legal form such organisations might take, they're going to be
> different in every country, and it's probably not going to be obvious until
> we have a set of "characteristics" we want the organisation to have.
> Obviously, people with experience in these matters (such as yourself) have a
> vital role to play in every country opening our eyes to all the different
> possibilities, but we definitely need to agree on basic 'features' each
> organisation ought to have, and then find an organisational structure that
> best fits our need in each country ;)

Correct, what is needed is a base charter that can be used as a starting point
when starting the organisation in a different country so that all organizations
in all countries have the same basic rules.

Doesn´t FSF have something like that that can be used as a starting point.

Of cource that charter cant be too specific since we probably end up 
with different organisational forms in different countries but it whould
mention the minimal requirements for that a country organization should
uphold to be able to qualify for to be part of a greater organization.

In Sweden the best is probably a simple non-profit organization which can
be created for a registration fee of 750 SEK (about $75).

Anders "using gnu software since mid-80" Lindbäck

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