GNU GPL and European law

Alex Hudson home at
Thu Nov 30 08:11:04 UTC 2000

> > non-profit interest, pretty much. So, in the UK, a Registered Charity
> > be the best solution. In other countries, it could be that setting up a
> > private company is the best answer - we want to be able to do the
> I think in the UK it would be best to set up a corporate charity.
> This involves setting up a Limited Company (very easy, I have set
> up 3 before, one being a charity).
> I can print up a Memorandum and Articles of Association in about
> 1 minute, and with a £5 "solicitor to sign the form", the forms
> from companies house and a £20 cheque, the company part is set up
> (total cost £25).

I think you're making my point exactly ;) We could argue forever on the
exact legal form such organisations might take, they're going to be
different in every country, and it's probably not going to be obvious until
we have a set of "characteristics" we want the organisation to have.
Obviously, people with experience in these matters (such as yourself) have a
vital role to play in every country opening our eyes to all the different
possibilities, but we definitely need to agree on basic 'features' each
organisation ought to have, and then find an organisational structure that
best fits our need in each country ;)



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