GNU GPL and European law

Jeff Davies jeff at
Wed Nov 29 22:26:20 UTC 2000

> non-profit interest, pretty much. So, in the UK, a Registered Charity might
> be the best solution. In other countries, it could be that setting up a
> private company is the best answer - we want to be able to do the maximum

I think in the UK it would be best to set up a corporate charity.
This involves setting up a Limited Company (very easy, I have set
up 3 before, one being a charity).
I can print up a Memorandum and Articles of Association in about
1 minute, and with a £5 "solicitor to sign the form", the forms
from companies house and a £20 cheque, the company part is set up
(total cost £25).

I have the forms somewhere in my filing cabinet to set up a charity.
I was intending to set up a "free design" or environmental charity
one of these days, but I could use the forms for FSFE.

Jeff Davies

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