GNU GPL and European law

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Wed Nov 29 10:00:26 UTC 2000

Dear Sinisa,

I think you can sure, that no one of the starting group thought of limiting 
the activities to the menber countries of the EU. An different thing is, to 
check out the legal conditions first in that "area", because in the future 
they might give some sort of orientation to the other countries: Though the 
information you gave about M$-behavior in your country sound ugly, it seems 
to me, that Free Software has a special chance there: a lot of 
infrastructural things there to me seem to have still open possibilities, 
while here "in the west" the M$-indoctrination works since the beginning. 
And the arguments of security and minimal prices may be convincing to a lot 
of people. So, activities of the FSF-Europe are very important especially 
outside the EU.

To all the others in the list - and especially Georg:

Wouldn't be the organizational form of an association like Amnesty 
iInternational a good example for the FSF-Europe? The legal form of a 
"foundation" in the strict sense (as far as I know about it in Germany) may 
not be the best solution, I think. Some sort of "eingetragener Verein" 
("registered association") could be better.


At 00:07 29.11.00 +0100, Sinisa \"Sigma14\" \"\" Milicic wrote:
>I think we should be talking about Europe in a geographical sense.
>First of all I think that puting the '=' sign between EU and Europe until
>all European (geographically speaking) countries are inside (and that, as
>I see it, is far from now).
>Second, it would be just as important to be a part of the FSFE in
>transitioning countries, as it is in the EU.
>Adn third, why we should bne talking about Europe in geo. sense, is that,
>at least up to now, Sladjan and my little self have understood it that
>way, and it would be very unfair of you guys to be eucentric enough not to
>include hr or yu, or whatever other non-EU country the right to be a part
>of the FSFE.
>Of course I might have missed the point completly, but I think this is
>useful as a part of making things clean, tidy and defined. (elegant even)
>"Mors EULAe, libertas softwarei!"
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