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David Mentré David.Mentre at
Tue Nov 28 18:37:48 UTC 2000

Armin Herbert <Armin.Herbert at> writes:

> Who's that? Why didn't they contact us (this list), instead of you?

As I am one of the who contact Georg directly, I can answer on that.

I contacted Georg directly because I spontaneously wanted to give a
help. I did not known the mailing list was active before sending my

Now: who am I?

My name is David Mentré, 27, french. I live in Rennes (west of France)
but will migrate to Paris suburbs the 1st of December.

I'm a young researcher in computer science (I'll defend my PhD in 3
months), interested in system research (distributed systems, shared
memory), strange formalisms (Aspect Oriented Programing and Gamma) and
formal methods (with a bias to concreteness).

I've not done yet any free software, but I've tried to advocate free
software in my own local environment, i.e. my research center. See the
following link for french slides I've used:

I'm also maintaining the SMP HOWTO.

What will I do for FSFE? Don't know yet. Maybe give a hand for french
aspects and pointers related to free software.

 David.Mentre at --
 Opinions expressed here are only mine.

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