a possible local model.

Olivier Berger oberger at april.org
Mon Nov 27 22:26:13 UTC 2000

Jose Eugenio Marchesi a écrit :
> Hi there,
>   In spain, we have a branch of the Free Software Foundation. The
>   branch is actually unnoficial in the sense it have not legal status.
>   Despite of this, we are working hard to offer the FSF services
>   in a local-useful manner (in spanish, for example :). In fact,
>   the branch work is to be a front-end to the FSF.
>   Our relation with the Free Software Foundation is good and the
>   communication is constant.

I think we can say that the situation is similar in France, where APRIL
(www.april.org) is a strong partner of the FSF each time it is involved
in activities in France.

We do not (at the present time) represent officially the FSF in france,
even if we are often considered as theire representatives here.

One point to note, APRIL is a long time (founded in '96) organized and
legally establish non-profit association.

>   Perhaps a good local model would be to set up local FSF branchs,
>   as in Spain, and then (in a bottom-up manner) make the
>   legal infrastructure to make an european organization, that
>   would group the branchs. I it is better than the reverse model (first make
>   the global organization and then the branchs).

This may be as a very efficient way to do in order to deal with the
legal aspects of founding associations/organizations with respect to the
law aspects, but a "mothership" is still necessary, for communication
aspects, and to boost / drive the global effort.

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