a possible local model.

Jose Eugenio Marchesi jemarch at fsf.eui.upm.es
Mon Nov 27 16:07:40 UTC 2000

Hi there,

  In spain, we have a branch of the Free Software Foundation. The 
  branch is actually unnoficial in the sense it have not legal status.

  Despite of this, we are working hard to offer the FSF services
  in a local-useful manner (in spanish, for example :). In fact, 
  the branch work is to be a front-end to the FSF. 

  Our relation with the Free Software Foundation is good and the
  communication is constant. 

  You can see our web page: http://fsf.eui.upm.es

  (The FSF will put the domain name www.es.gnu.org and www.es.fsf.org 
   for us)

  A FSF Europe would be a very good think, and perhaps in the 
  future our branch will be able to switch to this. 

  Perhaps a good local model would be to set up local FSF branchs, 
  as in Spain, and then (in a bottom-up manner) make the 
  legal infrastructure to make an european organization, that
  would group the branchs. I it is better than the reverse model (first make
  the global organization and then the branchs). 


  Jose Eugenio Marchesi (jemarch at fsf.eui.upm.es)
  Coordinador General
  FSF/GNU Madrid (Spain)

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