GNU GPL and European law

Giorgio Zarrelli zarrelli at
Mon Nov 27 15:12:32 UTC 2000

Il giorno 16:01, lunedì 27 novembre 2000, Jan Schaumann ha scritto:

> But I got a question:
> Just the other day I found out that in Germany, there is no such thing
> as a "Copyright" - the "Copyright" is an american thing. The closest
> thing in Germany would be the "Urheberrecht", IIRC.

<evil grin tag>

If Microsoft can sell in Europe, some kind of patent must hold.

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> Now my question is, if there is no equivalent to the US-Copyright, does
> the GNU GPL hold in Europe?

The copyright does hold. In Italy, like everywhere it exhists. Names are 
different, some terms differ, but the core meaning is the same...

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Dr. Giorgio Zarrelli

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