EU Software Patents

Jeff Davies jeff at
Sat Nov 25 23:38:01 UTC 2000

I am a C++/Java coder contracting to part of Xerox on a project for Nokia. I've
been interested in GNU/Linux since 1991, and the free software world more

I just saw on that all 20 EU member states had voted against
software patents. Hopefully this is true, and the borg are banished for a
couple of years at the very least. Any comments/news??

by the way, I've been contributing to the FCPU project discussions for some 2
years now (or so). As part of this, I have this idea to program (via an XML
tree based editor) in XML.
I already have some basic XML->Java source XSL going. The DTD can make
UML or dataflow diagrams compulsary (or URI links to them), and by transforming
using a different XSL, you should be able to get a func spec out of the code.

Any interest?

Jeff Davies

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