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Hi Jon!

 || On Sun, 31 Dec 2000 00:09:57 +0000
 || Jon Masters <jonathan at easypenguin.co.uk> wrote: 

 jm> 	Let me apologise if this has already been mentioned, I'm still
 jm> going through archives of mail I've missed recently.

No problem. I guess this list actually has seen its bit of traffic

 jm> I'm interested to know who to make contact with in the UK
 jm> concerning the FSF presence here and how to become more involved.

Essentially there is an easy answer valid for everyone: if you want to
get in touch with the FSF Europe and would like to get involved with
it, you can write an email to 

        <team at fsfeurope.org> or <discussion at fsfeurope.org>

"team" will reach the seven people currently organizing the structure
and "discussion" will (obviously) go to this list.

Then I would recommend to subscribe to this list and take a look at
what has been discussed. Also the "announce" mailing list archive will
certainly have the highest density in hard information, so reading
that should be mandatory.

Hm. Maybe I should write a "how to get involved with the FSFE" FAQ? :-)

Alright, last day of 2000. Hope you all get across well and have a
great new years party...


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