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Hi Frederico!

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 fsm> Since this is a press release, is there any inconvinience in
 fsm> translating it to portuguese (yes, I'm voluntering)? 

No - not really. We would have done so if we had had the resources, I
guess. So if you feel like translating it: go ahead. Of course it
might be good if you also spread it among the Portugese news-sources
as we hardly know them and the others will be able to work with the
present release. 

So just translate it and add a little note like "translated for your
convenience by Frederico S. Muñoz" and distribute it. And thanks for
your effort!

 fsm> Here in Portugal the impact of free-software in recent years has
 fsm> been the same as in the rest of Europe and I think it would be a
 fsm> Good Thing if I could actually send it to the press.

Yes, I agree. If you get any reaction, we'd definitely not be upset
about being kept up-to-date, too. *g*

 fsm> I proposed a similar translation for the fsfeurope page but got
 fsm> no reply, I guess you are really focusing on 3 or 4 countries
 fsm> for now.

Sorry about that. It is just that translating the (extremely minimal)
page is just really low on our list of priorities. We'd rather get
things started and have a REAL page that can be translated then.


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