More sketches

Anja Drewitz anja at 44615166.Theo-Phys.Uni-Essen.DE
Wed Dec 27 22:30:11 UTC 2000

Hi Georg and all!

Georg C. F. Greve wrote on Dec 27, 2000 at 09:57AM +0100:
> Good work. I think the "Europa riding a gnu" sketches are definitely
> going in the right direction - I like them (prefer the one without
> stars, though). 

Thanks. :-)

I have done a few modifications. With eyes, the gnu looks more
friendly. I also added a geographical map of Europa as a backdrop.
Maybe somebody wants to use the map for other designs, too; it is
included in the XCF file. 

>  ad> BTW, I subscribed to the list now so you don't have to Cc: me a
>  ad> reply.
> What? You mean your mailer cannot catch that? :-)))) 

Nope, but procmail can. ;-)

> The problem is that mangling of Reply-To is considered harmful
> which means the "clean & safe" way is a group/wide reply. 

Agreed. That's exactly what I tell my list subscribers when somebody
brings up the subject of a list reply-to.

> What you
> _could_ do if it really disturbs you, is set the "Mail-Followup-To"
> header for your mails to the list. Ask someone close to you how to do
> that. *g*

*g* Thanks for your consideration, but I know how to set headers

>  ad> BTW, I subscribed to the list now so you don't have to Cc: me a
>  ad> reply.

I did not ask for a list reply-to. I don't mind getting duplicates
since I can filter them. I just meant that people can spare the extra
effort to Cc: me a reply. I appreciate that you and somebody else sent
me a personal response to my first post. But I don't like the "I do
not read this list / newsgroup so send replies to me" attitude, so I
am a subscriber now. But it's an not important issue. Just forget
about it.

Best wishes,


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