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Hi Kilian!

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 kpg> Hello and sorry for my Inglish:

No problem.

 kpg> 	I want contact with people in Spain for change information
 kpg> about FsF becouse I want made a interesting group in the north
 kpg> of Spain about Gnu but I dont now howto start. Can any help me
 kpg> ?.

I would suggest you get in touch with 

        Jose Eugenio Marchesi <jemarch at>

and his group. He is busy building up a FSF in Spain and once the FSF
Europe is operative in Germany, France, Italy and Sweden, we plan to
join forces as the next step.

So if you want to help create a local organization we suggest you talk
to Jose and see how you can work together or coordinate your actions
with them. 


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