Logo/name considerations

Pim van Riezen pi at vuurwerk.nl
Sat Dec 23 12:58:59 UTC 2000

On Sat, 23 Dec 2000, josX wrote:

> Hi!,
> We are talking about 'Free Software Foundation Europe', since everything
> is held under the microscope: why use English? Only a small group of total
> Europe speak it natively, and is isn't the largest sub-group.
> What may be more of a problem is the fact that English might be
> associated with the kapitalistic Western world by large numbers of people
> from Eastern-Europe.

Feel free to communicate in Esperanto. I'm sure the other six speakers
will welcome you :).

Now, until reliable computerized translation exists, English is the
language that is easiest to pick up for non-native speakers. I don't
associate English with a specific culture, political system or
geographical area. Instead, I associate it with internationalism.

Frankly, the kind of people who would abandon a political cause because of
the language spoken are not really the kind I would want to involve myself


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