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Claus Färber list-fsf-eu-discussion at
Sat Dec 23 11:41:00 UTC 2000

Frederico S. Muñoz <fsmunoz at> schrieb/wrote:
> Indeed.... although the 12 stars no longer represent each
> country and will contiune to be twelve they are still the symbol
> of the EU. Russia, some blatic countries, even some northern
> vountries IIRC are not EU.

The 12 stars flag originally was the flag adpoted by of the  
Council of Europe <>, which did already have  
more than 12 member states when it was adopted.

(It was later adopted by the European Communities when they had  
less than 12 members. And it's the flag of the European Union,  
which had 15 members from the beginnig in 1993.)

Today, virtually every European state is member of the Council of  
Europe. So the 12 stars flag not only relates to the EU, but also  
to Europa as a whole (which was it's original meaning anyway).

I'd propose a logo where the GNU is posed in front of a 12 star  
circle (which may be partially covered by the GNU, however).


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