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Fri Dec 22 21:56:05 UTC 2000

On Fri, Dec 22, 2000 at 10:55:51AM +0100, Anders Lindbdck wrote:
> Matthias Kabel skrev:
> > * josX (joshb at xs4all.nl) [001221 19:37]:
> > Hm, I wrote about a nice girl, because Europa was a girl and why using a
> > ugly one for a logo. She should definitly dressed, best in an ancient greek
> > gown.
> > The drawing should be very simple, so we can use it in bw and as a small
> > logo, so we dont need details. A simple GNU a simple girl and the twelve
> > stars in a circle around them.
> Twelve stars?  EU is NOT europe I think we'd established that already.

Indeed.... although the 12 stars no longer represent each country and
will contiune to be twelve they are still the symbol of the
EU. Russia, some blatic countries, even some northern vountries IIRC
are not EU.

I do understand that the twelve stars would make an association with
Europe, but I don't know if it's fair to make Europe == EU.

> My vote is for the original FSF symbol. Nothing more - nothing less.
> Another symbol will probably only confuse the oroginal issue.

Well, I'm also for straight and simple logos, and I'm all for the
original FSF logo. The fact that this is an European org. should be
quite simple to see if we add 'Europe' to it; still, as I see things
the majority seems to like more complex and symbolic logos and I won't
argue with that.

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