Missing the point - Re: Tax-deductability of donation in Europe

Wim Crols wim.crols at elias.be
Fri Dec 22 15:54:34 UTC 2000

Bernhard Reiter wrote:
> Hi Andy,
> Hi Wim,
> you are actually doing what is best to help us right now:
> Discussion certain options we have so we can make it right.
> You can also help us and come up with more material to educate the
> masses and the public about what freedom of software actually means.

I'm pleases to help you out.
I strongly believe in the freedom of software.
It has taken me way up in my professional and personal life.

> I agree with Andy that tax-deducability is not the only and most
> important criteria we have.

Of course it isn't but I tend to exaggerate my opinions to make them
clear to everybody.

> I also think that Wim has a point in that we are trying to make it right
> from the beginning and not hit legal barriers soon after establishin one
> form or another.
> Andy: Do you know more details about how Greenpeace is organised?
> It would be interesting to see how they do it.

What I think is a good construction (just an idea coming from my
with non profit organisations in Belgium) is that in every country you
one non-profit organisation and people can become member (paying fees)
or give
donations which can be tax deductable in that specific country.
Then there is one top organisation and this organisation has as members
all the country organisations and only these. These country
organisations pay a
membership fee equal to what they should contribute to the top
so it can be different for every country. This construction is perfectly
in Belgium.

> Regards and ADVthanksANCE,
>         Bernhard

If you want more mindstorming with me, it'll have to wait untill 10
janurai 2001.
I'll far away from internet connected world for 2 1/2 weeks :)


Wim Crols
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