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Matthias Kabel matthias.kabel at tyche.de
Fri Dec 22 13:35:06 UTC 2000

* Anders Lindb├Ąck (anders at igiro.se) [001222 11:00]:
> Matthias Kabel skrev:
> > * josX (joshb at xs4all.nl) [001221 19:37]:
> > Hm, I wrote about a nice girl, because Europa was a girl and why using a
> > ugly one for a logo. She should definitly dressed, best in an ancient greek
> > gown.
> > The drawing should be very simple, so we can use it in bw and as a small
> > logo, so we dont need details. A simple GNU a simple girl and the twelve
> > stars in a circle around them.
> Twelve stars?  EU is NOT europe I think we'd established that already.
I know that, but the twelve stars are widley known as the sign from the EU.
The twelve stars ar _not_ representing every single country in the EU, there
currently 16 and a lot more want to be member of the community.
The number twelve is an old number for something perfect. There are twelve
gods and goddesses in the classical mythology. Twelve or a dozen was long
time the "even" number, some currencies like the british pound were
calculating in multiples of twelve. The stars are a sign for something
bright and better than normal mortal stuff. So twelve stars would be a fine
frame for a logo. Many people will recognize this stars as the sign of the
EU, but all these people know there are more than 12 countries in the EU.
But I'm not shure that all these people will recognize the Europa on the
bull/gnu, so the twelve stars will show, that we are an european
But you can use twelve heads of a gnu instead of the stars. ;-)


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