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Anders Lindb´┐Żck anders at igiro.se
Fri Dec 22 09:55:51 UTC 2000

Matthias Kabel skrev:
> * josX (joshb at xs4all.nl) [001221 19:37]:
> Hm, I wrote about a nice girl, because Europa was a girl and why using a
> ugly one for a logo. She should definitly dressed, best in an ancient greek
> gown.
> The drawing should be very simple, so we can use it in bw and as a small
> logo, so we dont need details. A simple GNU a simple girl and the twelve
> stars in a circle around them.

Twelve stars?  EU is NOT europe I think we'd established that already.

My vote is for the original FSF symbol. Nothing more - nothing less.
Another symbol will probably only confuse the oroginal issue.

PS Russia is part of Europe but not part of EU.

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