Quick status update before christmas!

MJ Ray markj at cloaked.freeserve.co.uk
Fri Dec 22 00:26:08 UTC 2000

"Georg C. F. Greve" <greve at gnu.org> writes:

> First of all I'm sorry that we aren't more active on the list, but

Don't worry about it.  Thanks for keeping us informed and if you can
keep passing information to the list, I'm sure the more verbose of us
can try to keep the discussion running and (mostly) on topics that
seem useful for the "membership" to exist at this early stage of
life.  I'll certainly be chipping in my two pen'orth once I return
from my Christmas break.  (Don't worry, I shan't be idle, I'm writing

> In countries where membership organizations exist (like April in
> France) that uphold the spirit of Free Software we will probably
> "make" those the associated organizations - and there is not
> necessarily a limit to the amount of local organizations that may
> become associated. In countries where such organizations do not exist
> or where enough people feel that another such organization should be
> created, we will help create it.

It sounds like you probably don't want to discuss this just yet, but
are you able to provide a list of the organisations under
consideration for this approach?  If nothing else, it would be
interesting to know what places already have people flying the Free
Software banner so that we can have a peek and see what successes (and
possible failures ;-) ) that they've had in this campaign, as well as
their structure and methods.  As I'm sure we all appreciate, there are
a lot of subtly different cultures within the FSFE region and it's
always interesting to look at and learn from each other.

> be prepared that people will try to get you
> with this one - so I thought you should know what was going on there. 


> But we also have very good news: Mandrakesoft wants to donate EUR
> 2.500 to the FSF Europe. Apparently they had a challenge set up where
> the winning team could select a project that should be supported and
> the result was in favor of the Free Software Foundation Europe. Thank
> you so much!

What was the project whose team favours us so much?  :-)

> Alright, that's it from our side, we all hope you'll have nice
> holidays and a good new year!

Same from here to all involved!


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