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On Thu, Dec 21, 2000 at 09:01:55PM +0100, Josefsson Erik wrote:
> So the girl/goddess Europa is standing beside the Gnu, both facing the
> camera. Europa is holding her left hand on the animals head or shoulder.
> They are walking togeter.
> European stars around or in the back. 
> This would be simple to explain, even selfexplaining, and perhaps also a
> beautiful logo.
> A gnu is a gnu, but how is Europa dressed to be recognized? Greek gown?

The general representaion of Europa during the kinapping is either on
geek gown or with a sort of greek underwear at the time (that still
covers more that todays's casual wear :) ). She also sometimes has a
sort of a garland around her head. This is the classic/neo-classic
representation; of course, one could depart from it anytime.

> //Erik
> ps If you want to, she can hold a penguin in her right hand. Or a laptop, or
> some cds ...

Laptops or cd's maybe; a penguin, IMHO, would not be adequate at all.

best regards,

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