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Alessandro Rubini rubini at gnu.org
Thu Dec 21 16:10:49 UTC 2000

> Just b/c we said "a woman riding on a gnu" - how is that sexist? Europa
> happens to be a woman, nothing we can do about it. And noboy ever said
> that she would have to be naked or anything, so I really don't see
> anything sexist about it.

Since it's me who brought up all of this, I must explain my point.
Europa is a woman, and I said "I generally like the idea". I only
raised the sexist issue because Georg Jakob suggested she could be
particularly sexy (quoting someone, maybe Pennac, I can't tell).

While I noticed he was not serious about that, I thought the idea
was worth commenting on.

> Quite frankly, I think people gotta relax a bit on the political
> correctnes.

I don't  like calling it "political correctness", as most often
p.c. is hypocritical at best :)

/alessandro, hoping not to distract readers from Georg's update

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