Women : was: Re: Logo (was: Tax....)

Georg Jakob jack at unix.sbg.ac.at
Thu Dec 21 13:50:01 UTC 2000

On Thu, 21 Dec 2000, E L Tonkin kindly wrote:

> If it seems that 99.8% of programmers are male, it's partly because their
> attitudes and that of the surrounding media often don't encourage women to
> join in.
> As far as the logo is concerned, I personally like the general idea. It
> doesn't sound particularly sexist ... But it wouldn't hurt, whilst we're
> on the topic, for the FSF to do their bit in promoting the bizarre concept
> that Women Program Too (occasionally).

Although I the point Alessandro is making about sexism and sterotypes,
I do not think a beautiful woman is per se offensive. Hey, she's supposed
to be a Godess!
But I have to say that I particularily love the Idea of questionizing
existing sterotypes and if we found a way of elegantly doing this in our
logo ...

Two more suggestions:

a.) The beautiful Godess riding the Gnu is hacking around on a Computer
which is also carried by the Gnu. I think a Desktop Workstation is better
in this case, because a laptop might look to much like the ads mentioned

b.) OK, this one might be tasteless (or not): The beautiful woman is not a
woman but a geek rms-like-looking. He/she is wearing a wig and a dress
... I do not particiulary like this, it just came to my mind.


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