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Pim van Riezen pi at vuurwerk.nl
Thu Dec 21 13:28:49 UTC 2000

On Thu, 21 Dec 2000, E L Tonkin wrote:

> If it seems that 99.8% of programmers are male, it's partly because their
> attitudes and that of the surrounding media often don't encourage women to
> join in.

I have yet to find a computer programmer who would have even an inkling of
trouble accepting a female coworker. The problem is usually not at this
level, but at the wannabe/wannahave level and that of non-programming
staff (PHBs who don't hire them, beancounters who will go to the male
programmer with an assignment because of a luser gender attitude).

> As far as the logo is concerned, I personally like the general idea. It
> doesn't sound particularly sexist ... But it wouldn't hurt, whilst we're
> on the topic, for the FSF to do their bit in promoting the bizarre concept
> that Women Program Too (occasionally).

That indeed would not be a bad message to get across.


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