Tax-deductability of donation in Europe

Matthias Kabel matthias.kabel at
Mon Dec 18 19:52:09 UTC 2000

* Simo Sorce (simo.sorce at [001218 20:48]:
> On the countrary, I think there should be one central organization with
> members dedicated to particular country issues.
> Affording administration costs many times (for each organization) will
> waste time and money.
No problem one central organisation for all decisions and national
organisations for collecting money, translations and all this stuff.

There are only small costs for founding the legal organisation, all other
things like web-space, mailing lists and so on can be done by the central

> I think National organization should born only where law enforce it to
> let FSFE operate.
I think most tax laws will enforce that. 

Matthias Kabel

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