Tax-deductability of donation in Europe

Simo Sorce simo.sorce at
Mon Dec 18 20:33:04 UTC 2000

Matthias Kabel wrote:
> * Olaf Koglin (olaf at [001218 18:13]:
> >
> > I think the question is: Shall the fsf europe found *one* official
> > association in one european country, which is responsible for all
> > official work, or shall we found several associations in Europe?
> >
> I think there should be one organisation in every country. It is and it will
> be for a long time very expensive to transfer money from one country to
> another, so small amounts of money will be reduced in an inacceptable way.
> It is much cheaper to collect money in every country.
> And it will be easier to talk with your local tax office if the organisation
> is in the country.

On the countrary, I think there should be one central organization with
members dedicated to particular country issues.
Affording administration costs many times (for each organization) will
waste time and money.
I think National organization should born only where law enforce it to
let FSFE operate.

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