Tax-deductability of donation in Europe

Olaf Koglin olaf at
Mon Dec 18 15:16:18 UTC 2000

Florian Weimer wrote:
> Olaf Koglin <olaf at> writes:
> > > In Belgium it is possible to have a non profit organization and also be
> > > able
> > > to accept tax-deductable gifts.
> >
> > In Germany it´s possible, too. I´ve got some experience (and trouble)

> In fact, in Germany, you can only accept money without a hassle.
> Services and goods for charities are not tax-deductible itself.  Of
> course, you can write a bill and donate the money afterwards, but the
> VAT will be lost in this scenario.
Jip. But I think it´s the same in all european countries. The advantage
of being tax-deductable is (in german tax-law) that (1) the donations
from private persons reduce the taxes they have to pay and (2) that the
organisation itself doens´t need to pay taxes.

I think the question is: Shall the fsf europe found *one* official
association in one european country, which is responsible for all
official work, or shall we found several associations in Europe?


info <info at> antwortete in online-recht at
> 'info'? Heisst Du wirklich 'info'? Fuer diesen Namen wuerde ich meine
> Eltern verklagen.
Gute Idee! Dazu eine Frage, meinst du ich kann mich dann umbe-
nennen oder ist umbe auch kein schoener name ? ;-)

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