Politics and freedom (was: Information [...])

Alessandro Rubini rubini at gnu.org
Thu Dec 7 12:27:17 UTC 2000


> I mean fight as in oppose, although I think 'oppose' is more of a
> passive verb then 'fight'.

Hmm... I think oppose is better. However, even my own message had a
"fight" in it.

> Well... Just take a look at www.gnu.org ....
> - _fighting_ patents
> - _fighting_ UCITA

Yes, that's correct. But it's not "fighting proprietary
software". That's what you were proposing, and "fighting Microsoft" is
something pretty common in the field. Those are bad, and talking about
them makes more harm than good to our movement.

> also www.gnu.org/philosophy/stallman-kth.html
> contains a cople of 'fightings'

Sure. He fights "the phenomenon" ("attempts to own software") and "the
spirit" ("pressuring people to sell out their neighbors and causing
social decay").

But also, you find this:

| So the MIT AI lab that I loved is gone. and after a couple of years
| of fighting against the people who did it to try to punish them for it
| I decided that I should dedicate my self to try to create a new
| community with that spirit.

So this is "instead of fighting, I chose to promote".


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